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cat friednly clinic gold award

Your feline friends are important to us which is why Woodward Vets have recognised that a trip to the vets can be stressful for both cats and their owners.

We have put in place facilities and ways of working, in order to make your visit to the vet as stress-free as possible.

We understand that cats have different conditions, temperaments and personalities to their canine counterparts and therefore need to be handled and treated differently.

We are proud to have been accredited as a gold practice from the International Society of Feline Medicine which means on top of all the great things our modern practice provides, we also offer the following for our feline patients:

  • A spacious, quiet, off-street car park allowing you to transport your cat to our reception area with minimal stress
  • A friendly welcome at reception, with the option of placing your cat carrier at a higher level out of sight of other animals
  • A separate waiting area for cats that has visual barriers to the rest of the waiting room, allowing your cat to relax in his or her carrier
  • A privacy cover towel for your cat’s basket can be provided if required.
  • Surgical facilities and instruments which cater for the smaller anatomy that cats have, including a dental suite with radiography
  • A modern, separate cat-friendly ward - with dimmable lighting
  • Large kennels with clear fronts which provide a spacious, safe and warm environment
  • Kennels laid out to prevent sight of other cats
  • Hiding spaces provided for privacy and to provide a higher place to perch
  • A range of cosy and comfortable bedding. You are also welcome to leave your own bedding that smells of your home
  • A variety of food and cat litter types provided to mimic the home environment as close as possible
  • Cat-friendly toys to provide stimulation while hospitalised
  • Cat weighing scales
  • Species specific radio played to provide relaxing sounds that have a calming effect on your cat
  • A quiet examination table to allow assessment of inpatients
  • Isolation ward for management of infectious cases.

cat kennel hiding place

Cat friendly kennels with a hiding place

cat waiting area

Separate cat waiting area

cat ward

Cat ward