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Owning a pet can be one of the most joyful yet expensive times of your life. Ensuring your pet stays healthy and happy is crucial, so investing in appropriate veterinary care from us at Woodward Veterinary Practice is important. Whether you have been a pet owner for a while or just got a new pet, now is the time to find your local Vet in Ashby and register your pet today. 


Woodward Pricing And Offers

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Our Cat or Dog Health for Life Plans encompass a lot of our services; why not think about getting a plan for your pet today.

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Service Pet Health For Life Discount
Consultation Fee* Included (2 per year)
Nurse Clinic* Included (2 per year)
Vaccinations Included
- Puppy & Kitten Included
- Dog & Cat Included
Neutering 10% off
Flea & Worm Treatment Included
Dental Care Contact to find out more
Microchipping Included
Annual Health Check Included
Pet Travel Contact to find out more
Nail Clipping** Included
Anal Gland Expression** Included

*Terms & Conditions apply

**Provided where appropriate

We also offer a Rabbit Preventative Care Plan >> click here for details


Affordable Services For Pets In Ashby

Here at Woodward Veterinary Practice, we are a dedicated Leicestershire vet clinic that offers your pets the best care. We are aware that our dogs are members of our family, and we promise to treat them with care, love, and trust. We also make sure that our veterinarians and nurses are well-qualified and skilled in the most recent medical developments and technologies.


FAQs About Procedures & Pricing

How Can I Spread My Pet's Healthcare Costs?

Every pet owner wants to give their pet the finest care possible throughout their lifetime. Why not take a look at our Cat and Dog Pet Health for Life Plans. These programmes are the ideal way to stretch out the cost of your pet's medical care over the course of the year while still providing the finest defence and preventative care. When you sign your pet up for our Pet Health for Life plan, they will benefit from a range of treatments and services here at Woodward Vets.

Cat £18 (per month)
Dog (under 25kg) £20 (per month)
Dog (over 25kg) £24 (per month)

Contact us to find out more about our plans and sign your pet up for a Pet Health for Life plan today. Alternatively,  book an appointment to find out more.

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Please Note: Pet Health for Life is not Pet Insurance

It is important to know that Pet Health for Life plans are not Pet Insurance plans. We recommend that you take out Pet Insurance alongside your Pet Health for Life plan to ensure that your pet is fully covered.

Plan Your Vet Costs - Invest In Your Pets Health

With so many factors to think about, we recognise that making a decision about pet ownership may take some time. Fortunately, Woodward Vets is here to support you!

Our goal is to offer your pet the best care and services at a reasonable cost. Our Pet Health for Life plans can help stretch out the cost of annual preventative care so that your pet is well taken care of and gets the best care possible when it is necessary.

Why not register your pet with us online right now if you are new to pet ownership? You can schedule a consultation with a member of our staff after registering.

We offer your cat or kitten a tranquil setting when they visit our office as a Silver Level Cat Friendly Clinic. At every stage of your cat's visit, we try to lessen the stress and worry that can result from this.

At Woodward Vets in Ashby, we're excited to meet you and your pet soon!

What Is The Cost Of Pet Care?

For both cats and dogs, pet ownership can cost anywhere from £16,000 and £33,000 over the length of the animal's lifespan! The sort of pet you have will greatly influence this cost, but you must make sure that everything is covered to provide your pet the finest care possible during their life and to prevent any unforeseen expenses.

Some of the things to consider include:

With expenses at every turn, the list of charges for pets can be long. However, by having the correct insurance and health plan in place, you can spread out the cost of your pet's medical treatment.

At Woodward Vets, we provide a variety of veterinary services for animals of different shapes, sizes, and ages. This enables you to make sure that your pet maintains good health throughout their whole lifespan. Our services consist of:

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