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Kathryne Wrigley

Kathryne Wrigley


Registered Veterinary Nurse

Kathryne has been working as a veterinary nurse since 2003, qualifying in 2005 but has had a lifetime around the profession as both her parents were vets. She has been an AI Assessor (now Clinical Coach) since 2006. She has a Diploma in Animal Bereavement Counselling and has a keen interest in canine reproduction.

Kathryne has been involved with breeding dogs for over 40 years and attained her Dog Breeding Diploma in 2010, passing with distinction. She breeds, shows and judges Gordon Setters and currently has 5 - Tane, Yuna, Anitra, Magnus and Henna. She has been a committee member of the Gordon Setter Association for over 20 years, serving a 4 year term as President. Kathryne is the Kennel Club Health Coordinator for the breed and also writes the breed notes for the weekly canine newspaper 'Our Dogs'.