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Pet emergencies can happen at any time including when vet practices are closed out of hours. 

If you need help in an emergency outside of our normal opening hours, your call will be transferred to our partner practice Park Veterinary Group in Glenfield.

Our emergency out of hours emergency vet Leicester service is manned by our dedicated emergency team who are able to provide this service throughout the night, at weekends, and on bank holidays so you can rest assured that your pet receives the care, support, and treatment it needs in any serious or severe situation. 

Call us on 01530 412 035 in an emergency. 

Signs Your Pet May Need an Emergency Out Of Hours Vet

It is almost guaranteed that your pet will need to attend our emergency out of hours vet service if they are displaying any of the following behaviours, symptoms or are seriously injured:

  • They are unconscious
  • They have collapsed
  • Experiencing difficulty breathing
  • Suspect they have broken a bone
  • Had or are having a seizure
  • Have an open wound / bleeding
  • Lameness or inability to walk
  • Are in visible pain
  • Have a swollen abdomen
  • Are persistently vomiting
  • Have persistent diarrhoea
  • Are frothing at the mouth
  • Any accident or physical injury

If in any doubt do not hesitate in giving us a call!  The health and wellbeing of your pet is our priority.

What to Do If Your Pet Needs Our Emergency Vet Leicester Service 

If you need to attend our practice in an emergency situation it is important that you telephone in advance if possible. This is so we can make the necessary arrangements for your arrival and enables us to arrange for your pet to be seen straight away, and if required, provide you with the necessary advice or treatment.

When contacting our emergency out-of-hours vets they will initially provide you with free advice over the phone and ask any relevant questions to initially assess whether you need to bring your pet to our Leicester surgery for immediate treatment or if there is anything you can do until normal practice hours resume.

Even If you are in doubt whether your pet is unwell or it is an emergency, please do not hesitate to still contact us out of hours. We will be able to help you decide if your pet needs to be seen or if we think it is safe for your pet to wait until the morning when our normal practice is open again.

Plan For an Emergency

We never know what is round the corner or when an incident or emergency may occur, this is why it is always helpful to be prepared should the unexpected happen.  In the unfortunate case that your pet may need to attend our emergency out of hours vets think ahead and have a plan.

  • Keep our practice number in your phone or somewhere convenient
  • Plan your journey – how would you get there day or night?
  • Would you need help to get there or assistance with your pet?
  • Who could you ask, if needed?

Our Emergency Vet Leicester Costs

Our emergency vet service Leicester is available to all our registered customers however, please note that the cost of this service will differ to our normal practice hours prices.

We strongly encourage our customers to have their pets insured to avoid any unexpected additional costs they may incur.

Pet Emergencies During Office Hours

If you require emergency treatment for your pet or any other help and advice during our normal office hours, our regular team of vets and nurses at the surgery are on hand to help.

If your pet has suddenly fallen ill, contact our emergency vet Leicester now on 01530 412 035

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