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Dental care is a valuable part of your dog's oral care routine. If good oral hygiene is not kept up on a regular basis, periodontal disease will likely recur and cause problems for your pet. Here at Woodward, we recommend regular checkups every six months alongside home dental care.

In male dogs, both testes are removed; this is known as ‘castration’. In female dogs, either the uterus is removed or both the uterus and the ovaries; this is known as ‘spaying’.

It is important that puppies are well socialised from an early age.

It is now law for all dogs to be microchipped. This is highly recommended as 100’s of dogs go missing each year and are never returned to their owners as they cannot be identified.

All puppies and dogs have worms, which is why worming is important to keep them healthy!

Here at Woodward Vets we strongly encourage owners to have their pets insured, but we are unable to recommend any particular insurance companies or policies. We have a number of leaflets available for different insurance companies.

A good healthy diet and regular exercise is recommended not only to keep your pets weight under control but to also maintain good dental hygiene.

If you are getting a new puppy, it is important to start their vaccinations early so that they can start socialising.