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If you are getting a new puppy and searching for 'dog vaccinations near me' then Woodward Veterinary Practice in Leicester can help.

It is important to start your dogs' vaccinations early so that they can begin to start socialising.

We routinely recommend starting them at 8 weeks of age, with the second injection 2-4 weeks later.

Puppies can go for their first walk 10-14 days after completing the course.

It is very important to complete the course because otherwise maximum protection against diseases will not be achieved.

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Dog vaccination annual boosters are required to maintain immunity.

*A £25 out of hour voucher is now being issued whenever a pet comes for an annual vaccination. A voucher is issued for each pet and is valid for 12 months.*

When searching 'dog vaccinations near me' by choosing Woodward Veterinary Practice we also offers a free flea and worming treatment to get you started on the right track, and also a 10% neutering discount voucher (valid for 18 months).

For dog vaccinations near me, we can help protect against:

  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Parvovirus
  • Parainfluenza
  • Coronavirus

We also recommend Kennel Cough vaccination for dogs that are going into kennels or are at higher risk. Boosters and the kennel cough vaccination can be done on the same day.

Please note, that vaccinations, including Kennel Cough, are often required for pet insurance and boarding kennels.


Dog vaccinations


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Our Woodward Loyalty plan offers the best value way to vaccinate your pet to ensure they have the preventative health protection they need over the course of their lifetime. Being a member allows you the opportunity to spread the cost over 12 months whilst also receiving discounts on other services at Woodward Veterinary Practice.

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Dog Vaccinations Near Me FAQ's


Is it important for dogs to get vaccinated?

Dog vaccinations are essential for providing your dog with adequate protection from life-threatening and intensely painful diseases. There is the option of Titre testing, which involves blood samples to determine your dogs immunity. Unfortunately, this is not always 100% reliable, it is costly to perform and leptospirosis would still need to be vaccinated against.We recommend all core vaccinations for this reason

Is it OK not to vaccinate my dog?

As veterinary professionals, we would always recommend vaccinations; when it comes to harmful diseases, the risks aren't worth taking.

I have heard that vaccines are risky and to avoid them – is that true?

Any veterinary procedure that is performed can carry some sort of risk, however, in the case of dog vaccinations, it is important to remember that for the majority of pets the benefits of being vaccinated greatly outweigh the risks. Vaccination reactions are rare and where they do occur, they are mostly short-term and mild. Reactions of this nature show that the vaccine is effectively stimulating the immune system. The team at Woodward Veterinary Practice are always happy to talk to you about the benefits and risks associated with vaccinating your dog to help identify the most suitable strategy as part of their wider preventative healthcare programme.


Is it a legal requirement to have my dog vaccinated?

It is not a legal requirement to have a dog vaccinated, but it is highly advisable. Kennels, dog trainers and day-care centers may require vaccinations from all dogs before they will accept them. Insurance can also be invalidated if dogs are not vaccinated.


Can I vaccinate my dog myself?

Under UK law, only veterinary surgeons can prescribe medications; vaccinations fall into this category. Your vet is required to health assess a pet before prescribing and administering the vaccine. Like many drugs, vaccines can have mild side effects, which is why a health check prior is essential to ensure your dog will be fit and well after the vaccine is administered. Veterinary professionals are trained at administering these vaccines;users should not administer this on their own. Also, it is important to ensure vaccination bottles, needles and syringes are disposed of correctly. There are diseases, such as diabetes, for which owners must inject their animals at home however, proper monitoring and training are essential.


Why does my dog need to have vaccinations every 12 months?

Depending on the disease that your dog is being vaccinated against, the period of time that they are protected will differ. Certain diseases, such as leptospirosis in dogs only carry around 12 months of protection, which is why a yearly booster is recommended. Even though your dog might be being vaccinated every 12 months, it is not always against the same diseases – your vaccination card will show you which diseases they are getting boosters for each visit. Visiting us every 12 months for vaccinations also means your dog gets a full annual health check, which is equally important!


Does my dog need to be vaccinated if they live inside?

Although your dog may not go outside, it is still possible for diseases to be brought into the house. This could be via soil on a dirty boot or via other wildlife that could enter the home. Therefore, ensuring your dog is fully vaccinated can provide the protection needed for all circumstances, meaning you don’t have to take the risk.


At what age do you stop vaccinating your dog?

Dogs require annual booster vaccines throughout their lives; this is to ensure maximum protection against life-threatening diseases.  In choosing vaccines, we consider the lifestyle of the dog rather than age.


Which specific vaccinations will my dog have?

Annual boosters usually cover leptospirosis and kennel cough (can be given every six months). However, distemper, parvovirus and canine hepatitis are usually needed every three years. Therefore, a dog would need a vaccine every year to have maximum protection against diseases.

Due to these dog vaccinations requiring a top-up yearly, in order to save you money, we offer health plans, which allow you to pay monthly for your pet's vaccinations. The health plan covers various preventative treatments, including flea treatments, worming treatments and anal gland expressions.  If you have not already signed up click here to find out more how you can saves £'s with our loyalty discount plan.


With the current COVID restrictions, are you accepting appointments for vaccinations?

We are continuing to offer a full range of services for our patients, whilst adhering to COVID-19 safety guidelines. To find out about our practice updates during COVID, please click here for more information.